Pork kebabs with pistachio


A second protein-based pork is not very light but easy to prepare and very inviting.

Ingredients for 2 people:

  • 2 thin slices of pork loin;
  • 100 Article. of chopped pistachios;
  • 100 Article. fresh cheese spread;
  • 100 Article. di pangrattato;
  • olio e.v.o. q.b.;
  • sale q.b.


  1. Cut the slice in two parts.
  2. Mix the cheese with half of the pistachio cream and smear this on the slice of pork loin.
  3. Roll up the slice pass it before the bread crumbs and then the chopped pistachios.
  4. Put in a pan with a little oil e.v.o. and make gild.
  5. Put on a plate and sprinkle the chopped pistachios yet.

Bon appetite!

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