S. Agata e ........ surroundings

Olivette S.Agata

The feast of S. Agate is experienced with intense emotion to locals.

From 3 to the 6 February Catania pays homage to the Patron Saint, or better to “Santuzza” as the people of Catania lovingly call the "Loro Santa".

On the streets of the city the atmosphere is surreal, it feels as if suspended between heaven and earth.

We live moments of joy and celebration intertwined with moments of prayer, faith and hope.

Even the culinary tradition of paying homage to the Holy.

The sweets are the toggles sugar and cassatelle S. Agata.

Olivette S. Agata

They are sweet marzipan, prepared with almond flour that have the shape of olives, can be bright green or black coated in chocolate.

It is said that the young Agatha, stopped to rest a moment, and out of nowhere appeared an olive tree, which offered shelter and food to the young.


They are sweet made with flour, sugar, ricotta, candied fruit and chocolate chips that you remember from the circular shape and the martyrdom of the Holy, during which the young Agatha were plucked breasts.

Minne Di Sant'Agata

In fact, the people of Catania call these cakes “i minni di Sant’Aita” cioè le mammelle di Sant’Agata.

Casarecci and Pesto alla Norma
Meat Stew with Potatoes